Autumn Equinox Ritual 2015, Dingle, Ireland

We made an Autumn Equinox ritual in order to be in touch with you, our community, in time, if not in space, and to be in sync with the soul of the season. We were drawn to the ocean at the western tip of the Dingle peninsula. The harbor there is ringed with 6th-9th century monasteries, oratories, and hermitages, their doorways all facing the sunset. We noticed colored stones on the beach, so we gathered red, yellow, green, and blue to make a mandala. . . .

Lughnasa 2015 Reflections

At the Lughnasa cross-quarter we celebrate the fruition of the partnership of the Sun and the Earth in the form of Celtic Lugh, the “Shining One” and his foster mother, Tailtiu, the “Great One of the Earth,” the first harvest of the grain, our harvest of delicious corn. Lughnasa is traditionally a time for berry picking, so we also honored the thirteen species of wild blueberries . . .

Beltane 2015 Reflections

First we pilgrimaged to the Sacred Spring for visioning, chanting, and giving gratitude to all our waters…After a wonderful ritual honoring the Sacred Feminine, Grandmother Apple Tree, we honored the Sacred Masculine, raising the Maypole. Joining around this World Tree … Continued

Imbolc 2014 Reflections

Another theme of the evening was about the archetypal theme of hibernation and re-emergence as metaphor for the life-death-rebirth initiatory process as symbolized by Snake, Groundhog, and Bear.  We saw this Black Bear at Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. . … Continued