Autumn Equinox Ritual 2015, Dingle, Ireland

We made an Autumn Equinox ritual in order to be in touch with you, our community, in time, if not in space, and to be in sync with the soul of the season. We were drawn to the ocean at the western tip of the Dingle peninsula. The harbor there is ringed with 6th-9th century monasteries, oratories, and hermitages, their doorways all facing the sunset. We noticed colored stones on the beach, so we gathered red, yellow, green, and blue to make a mandala.

We found feathers for East, wind; shells for West, water; flat rocks with critter trails on them for North, earth; but weren’t sure how to represent the South. Ah, there was a large, solid piece of washed up tar. Tar made of ancient sunlight, containing the power of fire, perfect! We had to refine the circle a couple of times after frisky dogs helped us dig.

Then we each found a white and a black stone, held the dark one in our left hands and the light one in our right, until the polarities were held equally. We then balanced these four stones on a rounded rock in the middle of the mandala, walked around the circle and sang a Shalom song, sending you the peace of inner and outer equilibrium.

Autumn Equinox 2015


With gratitude for all your wisdom,
Betty Lou

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