Samhain 2012 Reflections

Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain and All Soul’s Day!

Favorite moments: Burning of the Maypole prayer ribbons. When the still beautifully woven maypole ribbons were laid out encircling the firepit, they looked for all the world like the shed skin of a very large snake. When this was draped over the tall horns of the fire and ignited, sending the community’s blessing up in 10-12′ flames, it was breathtaking.

After the candle ceremony, dancing the Ancestor Dance around the blazing fire, we could really feel the close presence of the Other World. Singing In The Fire while throwing in the burdens we wanted to leave behind in this time of transition was so moving. The sacred fire was such an ally.

Samhain Altar

When we were dancing around the now bare world tree/axis mundi and the full moon come out and danced, too, with wispy veils, we were one with Her. As the chords to each dance would fade to silence and the songs of the crickets and other night creatures would carry on the tones and vibrations into the night, we could feel our oneness with them, too. Us and Spirit and Nature dancing together. Oh that we could live with awareness of this dance of love between us always.

So many appreciations go out. To Libby for making the altar at Grandmother apple tree so extra beautiful.To Roger for his tireless work in preparing the wood, the food tent, the Threshold, the torchlit fire circle and Dance circle, and many other labors of love. The big horned sculpture he created for the fire was a work of art in itself.To Hayat for so masterfully leading the deeply mesmerizing series of very soulful dances.To Raymond, Hamid, and Hayat for their wonderful musicianship.To

all the dancers who participated so enthusiastically and wholeheartedly in making the evening so special.



With gratitude for the beauty all around us and within us,

Hakima Betty Lou







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