Lughnasa 2014 Reflections

Lughnasa 2014 Reflectionsb

On the wheel of the year Lughnasa is the cross-quarter point between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox. Lughnasa began at a time when pre-Celtic peoples were very aware of the cycles of the sun. They had to be because they grew all their own food! Since they wanted to express their gratitude, they made a sun god, Lugh, to thank him. Lugh means “shining one.” Lugh’s foster mother, Tailtiu, invented agriculture. Tailtiu brought farming to every corner of Ireland, and she was so worn out by the time she finished, she died. Lugh, because he loved her (as the sun loves the earth), started the first Lughnasa celebration of games and feasting to honor Tailtiu.

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