Waiting for Winter Solstice

Waiting for Winter Solstice

Three days before Winter Solstice /
We sit on your bench, my friend, /
Overlooking bare-limbed woods, /
New Hope Creek shining silver in /
An arc of pools below. /

I tell you my Winter Solstice ritual /
These days is to watch the sunrise, /
Sing to it, and mark its farthest /
Point of standstill /
Before turning north again.


Keywords: Winter Solstice, sunrise, sunset, Hawk,

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4 Responses

  1. Victoria Casey

    Your words transport me to the bench at the creek, singing to the winter morning sunrise.
    Thank you dear Betty Lou

    • Betty Lou

      Vrinda, that’s probably the kindest thing you could say to me as writer – that I made you feel like you were there. I’m glad to share the experience with you!

  2. Laurie Lindgren

    This is astonishing, audacious, and awe-inspiring, just as YOU are, my dear Friend of the Friend. You are truly a wonderful role model of a person who has deeply mastered your chosen endeavors and manifested exquisite beauty, majesty, and mystery. Thank you from one human being intersecting Spirit and Nature to another. Every one of your categories here on the website is of great interest to me, and I delight and exult in the beauty you both discover and create as you interact with the sacred communities both human and natural that you encounter.

    • Betty Lou

      Thank you, Hayat, for all your encouragement, support, and eco-spiritual friendship over the years.

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