Natural Communities of North Carolina – Illustrations

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These illustrations are of native habitats that I consider to be not only beautiful, but sacred and to be treasured. The drawings are double page spreads reminiscent of a sketchbook. Green Swamp Savanna, Shaken Creek Savanna, and Roadside Wildflowers are coastal plain habitat images. The Vertical Bog and Spruce-Fir Forest are high elevation mountain habitats. Each drawing is a slice of place at a point in time. Click to show each whole page.

Artwork copyright © 2013-2014 by Betty Lou Chaika. No images may be copied, displayed, reposted, or republished without express consent of the artist.

Green Swamp Savanna

Roadside Coastal Plain Wildflowers

High Elevation Mountain Habitats

Shaken Creek Savanna in Spring

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10 Responses

  1. Joanna Haymore

    Congratulations on this exquisite website. Thomas Berry would have been delighted, I’m certain, to see the vision going forward. I look forward to all that you share.


  2. Kathy K

    I so love your beautiful artwork ! ! This page is gorgeous with so many different collections in one spot to view and enjoy. Thank you ! !

    • Betty Lou

      Linda, lichen woman, I hope to get to drawing those wonderful lichens we saw together!

  3. Barb Stenross

    You have inspired me to begin a Nature journal. Your pages are so beautiful, a merger of science and art and spirit! Today, a day of heavy snowfall, I tried to capture the birds on a shrub, waiting their turn to get to the bird feeders. This will take a bit of practice, to capture their shapes while they are on the move. I take inspiration from your work.

    • Betty Lou Chaika

      Barb, good for you! I look forward to seeing your drawings. Maybe we can go out sketching wildflowers together when it warms up and the spring ephemerals start to emerge.

  4. Diantha

    Thank you for receiving and giving in sacred reciprocity with our Mother the Earth and for sharing the process of doing the same with yourself. Dream reminders are always good medicine as well. In honor and gratitude, Diantha

    • Betty Lou Chaika

      Thank you, Diantha, for naming what is most important, reciprocity with all the beings of Earth. I have much to learn. Thanks for being a friend to learn together.

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